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About Us

Why A Bison

The bison is the only known animal that runs into an approaching storm. They do this for two reasons:

1. They instinctively know that by running into the storm, they’ll get through it quicker. The faster they face their fears and come to the realization that ownership and accountability are the best ways to get through tough times, it is an easy decision to make. As your mortgage broker, it’s easy for us to make that decision to fight for you and take accountability because it’s the right thing to do

2. They know they’ll be the first one to greener pastures and better resources. The mortgage industry can be tough. Here, we make it easier because just like the bison, we run into the storm and we never let you do it alone. We ensure the process is streamlined by taking on any challenges that may arise head on, so you can get your new loan quicker and get to those greener pastures. 

We plan on making this as easy of a process for you as possible, but if a storm does come along, we're prepared to weather it.

Real estate

Our Experience

We've developed the grit necessary to win for the long term in this industry.

Between our two Founders, we’ve closed over $200 million in loan volume as loan officers and account executives. 
As leaders, we’ve led teams that closed over $3 billion in loan volume.

  • With that being said, we’re no strangers to the different types of scenarios out there and the challenges that sometimes emerge. We are well equipped to tackle any and all situations that come our way.

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